Smarter Summer Session

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Make the most of your summer by staying ahead or catching up on your educational goals with the Smarter Summer term at Colby Community College. Choose from an eight-week long session or two four-week long sessions, most of which are conveniently offered online. This flexibility allows you to balance your studies with your days at the lake or your work schedule. Explore our diverse range of 30 courses that fulfill General Education requirements for graduation.

Seamlessly transfer credits with ease, as over 20 courses are included in the Kansas Systemwide Transfer list. Don't miss the opportunity to make Summer 2024 your most productive and enriching season. Browse our classes now to plan your educational journey.

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Session I
Main Session 
Session II
Start Date June 3 June 3 July 1
End Date July 2 July 30 July 30


How do I Enroll?



Step 1: Log into ePortal and navigate to TrojanWeb.

Step 2: Search for offerings and add courses to your schedule.

— or —

Schedule an appointment with an advisor to discuss the best options for your academic path. 


If you are attending CCC to transfer credits to another institution:

Step 1: Apply now

Step 2: Review automated emails for next steps in enrolling.

Step 3: Meet with an advisor to make a plan.